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Being diagnosed with breast cancer at any age can be horrid. Now imagine being diagnosed at 33 years old with three mouths to feed and bills to pay. The bill collectors were very compassionate about my situation BUT they still wanted their coins. Cancer didn't stop the show. They wanted to be paid.

Moreover, I wasn't receiving my regular teacher pay due to being off for treatment. Then my husband's pay got snapped in half because of a lay-off and move arounds at his job. Our finances were a disaster. ANY cancer can affect an individual physically, mentally, and emotionally. But cancer can definitely impact you financially. Not being able to work, pay being reduced, costs of going back and forth to treatments, hotel stays, medical bills, medication, and a whole lot of other extras can all place a MAJOR dent in your pockets.

 Thank God for Wiggin' Out and organizations like it to help ease the load financially. They work actively to find individuals who are dealing with the ugly blemish cancer and provide assistance.

Not only financially, but they offer the support you need to go through the journey. They have been a blessing to me as well as many others. I will never forget what Wiggin' Out has done for me and my little family.

I am FOREVER grateful.






Joia C.

"Trying out the wig today. Thanks to Wiggin' Out and Impressions by Peaches! Also, thanks to everyone who has given me so much encouragement and support!"

Melissa H.

Melissa H. image